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We’re committed to educating, connecting, and supporting women who want to understand their bodies and
own their fertility by freezing their eggs so that they can have it all — on their timeline. What biological clock?

We are


We’re loud about our bodies and what they need. We’re done
with women’s fertility issues being taboo — it’s time to cut
through the stigma. Yes, our bodies are complicated and
hormonal. They’re also walking miracles.
How about we celebrate that?


We’re fearless when it comes to advocating for women.
We want you to have everything—your career, travel,
and a family—and we want you to have it your way,
on your timeline. No apologies.

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We’ll always be straight with you: We don’t have all the
answers, and egg freezing isn’t perfect. But we’re here to give
you all the info we have and help you live life on your terms.


Our platform is a community designed to support you.
This journey is better if we do it together.

Why we’re here (Spoiler alert: for you)

We want egg freezing to be empowering, accessible, and
digitally enabled—and as easy as booking a spa day.

This is why we’re transforming the egg freezing process across
the region. We’ve done the research and partnered with the best
fertility clinics to create all-inclusive egg freezing packages for
incredible women like you who want to keep their options open.

We’re like your personal shopper for your eggs: We’ll answer all
your questions to make sure you’re comfortable and confident,

and provide support through services such as
teleconsultations and home test kits. We’ll also help you
choose a clinic and a package, get ready for your egg
collection, store those golden eggs, and arrange a flexible
payment plan that works for you.

The best part? You can plan and pay for your journey from
your computer or phone. No headaches, no unanswered
questions, and no unnecessary clinic visits or phone calls.
Pants are optional.

Meet the parents: The Ovasave founders

Torkia cofounder of Ovasave in a black and gold shirt sitting in a chair.

Torkia Mahloul


Torkia is a tech expert with over a decade of experience
in banking, technology, and fintech.

She has worked with multinationals and start-ups
around the world and specialises in helping businesses
launch new products and markets.

Torkia is also on her own egg freezing journey and she is
aware of the challenges women can face in that space.
She’s passionate about fertility preservation, educating
women about their bodies, and using tech to empower
women to achieve every one of their goals.

Majd Abu Zant


Majd is a healthcare expert with 20 years of experience
delivering exceptional healthcare to women.

He has worked with experts around the world, mentored
dozens of health-tech start-up founders, and launched
several successful hospitals and businesses, including
the largest women’s hospital in the Middle East, and the
most renowned network of fertility centres in the UAE
and KSA. He’s passionate about supporting all couples
trying to conceive and making reproductive healthcare
more patient-centred and evidence-based.

Majd Abu Zant cofounder of Ovasave in an orange shirt sitting on a couch.

When Torkia started thinking about freezing her eggs she couldn’t find the support she needed in her native Europe —it simply wasn’t a priority for the healthcare system. She then moved to Dubai, and while there were many fertility clinics, she didn’t know where to begin.

“There were so many barriers,” she said. “I didn’t have time to research the process and different clinics while starting a new job. It was confusing and demoralizing while it should have been exciting and empowering”. She realized that many other women had similar struggles also dealing with the lack of information, the systemic challenges, and the social and cultural stigma.

Torkia saw an opportunity to leverage technology to help women take control of their fertility. She decided to reach out to experts in the field and that’s when she met Majd, who had built the largest network of fertility clinics in the region and helped tens of thousands of women on their fertility journey.

They realized that many women might ask, what is egg freezing?‘ and the answer should be that it’s a procedure to preserve reproductive potential. Egg freezing should be easier, simpler, and more accessible to all women. A game-changing idea started brewing—something designed especially for strong, independent, tech-savvy millennial women.

A few months later, Ovasave was born.

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