AMH Test Kit

(Save more than 50% compared to testing at a clinic)
350 AED


AMH or Anti-Mullerian hormone test is the best indicator of your ovarian reserve, or how many eggs you have left. It is a simple blood test that can be done from home and gives you valuable insights into your fertility health.

✔  Get tested for a fraction of the clinic cost

✔ Get your results in a few days and book your free teleconsultation with our expert

✔  Painless finger prick blood collection

✔ Test is run in our certified lab

Our AMH test kit is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and anywhere across the UAE.

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Kids, yes, no, maybe? We provide the facts, you make the call.
Test yourself with a painless finger prick.
Assess your egg reserve & warning signs of infertility with our lab test.
Get tested and discuss your results with a fertility specialist at the best cost.
Do it all from the comfort and privacy of your home.
Get access to vetted fertility clinic partners.

How to simply check your AMH with Ovasave at-home test?

How The AMH Test Works

Order and track your test

You’ll need to create an Ovasave account to purchase an AMH test.

You should receive your delivery within a couple of days. Our AMH test kits can be delivered anywhere in the UAE

Once ordered you can track the status of your test in your dashboard.


Collect your blood sample and return the test

Collecting the sample is simple, be sure to activate your test and read the full instructions that come with the package.

You can watch how the test is done here

Once completed, schedule the courier to collect at a time convenient for you.


Receive your report

Once the sample has been collected you will receive your result report after a couple of days.

The results will be available for you on your dashboard.


Discuss your results with a fertility advisor

Once you have your results, it’s time to schedule a virtual appointment with the fertility doctor/advisor to discuss them.

The doctor won’t have access to your results so please make sure you have them ready to share with them on the day.


  • No appointment booking, no prescription, no clinic visit required
  • Costs only 350 AED and include a free teleconsultation with a fertility specialist
  • No phone call or chasing: track and get your results on your dashboard in 2 days
  • Direct path to care: access clinics and egg freezing services all from your dashboard

Traditional Methods

  • Clinic / lab visit required to test
  • Test and consultation costs about 1000 AED at the clinic
  • No visibility on your results or when they are received
  • No direct access to fertility clinics

Stories from real women

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avatar - AMH Kit

Thank you so much for your help and brilliant customer service

Jordan, 31, Dubai, UAE

avatar - AMH Kit

The service I received from start to finish from Ovasave has been outstanding. It’s been so personal from the get go and I have such a good understanding about my fertility and my next steps forward. Chantelle, my fertility advisor couldn’t have been any more helpful. She really is a wonderful person and so supportive through the whole process. I look forward to taking the next steps to protect my fertility. Thanks Ovasave

Coral , 32 , Dubai , UAE

avatar - AMH Kit

Ovasave, you exceeded my expectations! Kudos to my advisor, Isabelle, for her unwavering support. The personalized approach made all the difference in my fertility journey.

Gigi , 30 , Dubai , UAE


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